Run: Fall 2019
Concepting, on-set art direction and asset design to showcase lululemon’s fall 2019 run range.

Credit Creative: Jane Koo/Ruth Holland Photo: Jeremy Lee
Film: Evan Bourque
Styling: Elim Chu
HMU: Becca Randle/Hyesoo Shin

Creative Concept, Photography Direction, Design Execution
Jen Harvey Realty

Jen Harvey is a community-focused realtor who specializes in working with young professionals purchasing their first home. I developed colourful brand identity and collaterals inspired by shapes and colours of her homebase, Vancouver.

Creative Concept, Brand Identity
Wunder Under
Concepting, on-set art direction and asset design for Wunder Under Tight, one of lululemon’s most iconic products with an extensive product range.

Credit Photo: Thompson Chan
Film: Evan Bourque
Styling: Erin Johnson
HMU: Maxine Munson/Nobasura

Creative Concept, Photography Direction, Design Execution
International Day of Yoga 2018

Incepted by UN General Assembly, International Day of Yoga (June 21st) is one of the biggest brand celebration moments for lululemon. As a part of the working team, I developed print and digital assets used throughout the campaign.

Credit Creative Direction: Ant Hooper
Design: Jane Koo, Dina Maani
Copy: Kate Gustafson, Dan Nelken

Creative Concept, Design Execution
Strava 4080: 2018
4080 Challenge is lululemon’s annual run challenge (Run 40km or 80km in two weeks to earn a badge and a surprise gift!) in partnership with Strava to kickstart the new year.

I developed the look and feel and executed digital asstes for the second annual challenge.

Credit Photo: Miles Clark
Copy: Kate Gustafson

Creative Concept, Visual Identity, Design Execution