Strava: Year In Sport
I led the look and feel of the personalized product experience rooted in the theme of celebrating the uniqueness and togetherness of the user generated data, with the Denmark-based studio, Hello Monday as the execution partner. 

Creative Concept, Art Direction, Design Execution, Brand Expression in Product
Strava Challenge
Strava hosts various virtual challenges as a fun way to motivate people to push themselves and accomplish a specific goal.

The challenges are brought to life by a set of charater-based illustrations and a versatile system to create a dynamic and playful suite of badges. 

Credit Illustration partner:

Art Direction, Design Execution, Brand Expression in Product
Holiday Greeting Cards
Every December, I give myself a fun design challenge to create holiday greeting cards with two criteria: 1) utilize Google’s Year in Search, 2) print them at home in its entirety, only using equipment and materials readily available to most. 🖨️

Personal Project
Strava Week
Creative concepting and execution for Strava’s off-site to bring the team together around the theme rooted in a sense of adventure and togetherness.

Creative Concept, Design Execution, Brand Expression
Brand Seasonal
Creative direction and execution for Strava’s seasonal photoshoot in São Paulo, rooted in group activities across four disciplines.

Credit Production: Picture Farm / Two Palms Productions
Creative Direction: Jane Koo
Photography: Lucas Garrido
Second Shooter: Alma Debenath
Tech: Colin Hoefle
DP: Dariely Belke
Styling: Luise Federmann, Jane Koo
HMU: Carlos Rosa

Creative Concept, Photography Direction, Brand Expression