Strava: Year In Sport
Started as an annual report for Strava's collective data, Year In Sport has evolved into one of the most anticipated brand experiences for Strava users.

I led the personalized product experience rooted in the theme of celebrating the uniqueness and togetherness of the user generated data, with the Denmark-based studio, Hello Monday as the creative and execution partner. 

Creative Concept, Art Direction, Design Execution
Brand Seasonal 2022
Creative direction and execution for Strava’s seasonal shoot in São Paulo, rooted in group activities across four disciplines.

Credit Production: Picture Farm / Two Palms Productions
Creative Direction: Jane Koo
Photography: Lucas Garrido
Second Shooter: Alma Debenath
Tech: Colin Hoefle
DP: Dariely Belke
Styling: Luise Federmann, Jane Koo
HMU: Carlos Rosa

Creative Concept, Photography Direction, Brand Expression
Lululemon Run
Concepting, art direction and asset design to showcase Lululemon’s run range focusing on outdoor group run.

Credit Art Direction: Jane Koo/Ruth Holland
Photo: Jeremy Lee
Film: Evan Bourque
Styling: Courtney Cho/Elim Chu
HMU: Becca Randle/Hyesoo Shin

Creative Concept, Photography Direction, Design Execution
Wunder Under
Concepting, art direction and asset design for Wunder Under Tight, one of lululemon's most iconic products with an extensive product range.

Art Direction: Jane Koo
Photo: Thompson Chan
Film: Evan Bourque
HMU: Maxine Munson

Creative Concept, Photography Direction, Design Execution