Run: Fall 2019
Concepting, art direction and asset design to showcase lululemon’s fall 2019 run range focusing on outdoor group run.

Credit Art Direction: Jane Koo/Ruth Holland
Photo: Jeremy Lee
Film: Evan Bourque
Styling: Courtney Cho/Elim Chu
HMU: Becca Randle/Hyesoo Shin

Creative Concept, Photography Direction, Design Execution
Jen Harvey Realty

Jen Harvey is a community-focused realtor who specializes in working with young professionals purchasing their first homes.

I developed colourful brand identity and collaterals inspired by shapes and colours of Jen’s homebase, Vancouver.

Creative Concept, Brand Identity
Roksanda x lululemon
lululemon's first high-fashion collaboration with a London-based womenswear designer is unlike anything the athleisure brand has ever done before. Rooted in the contrast between function and fashion, the collection needed a campaign and treatment that helped showcase the lululemon brand in a whole new light.

With the working team, I was responsible for creating the collaboration branding, retail packaging and in-store visual merchandising executions, as well as the e-comm and social campaign assets.  

Credit Creative Direction: Katie Bambro
Design: Tora Hylands / Jane Koo / Ryan Spacey
Copy: Stevie Wilson
Photo: Thompson Chan / Estelle Hanania
Style: Claire Seddon / Erin Johnson

Creative Concept, Art Direction, Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Design ExecutionRetail Campaign
Wunder Under
Concepting, art direction and asset design for Wunder Under Tight, one of lululemon’s most iconic products with an extensive product range.

Credit Photo: Thompson Chan
Film: Evan Bourque
Styling: Erin Johnson
HMU: Maxine Munson/Nobasura

Creative Concept, Photography Direction, Design Execution
SAD magazine

SAD magazine is an independent Vancouver publication featuring stories, art, and design founded in 2009.

I illustrated a map of Vancouver’s urban farms for their 26th issue, The Green Issue.